About Us

Established in 2016, Nofall is a consumer products company that came into being with an exclusive and innovative idea for everyday safety of the consumers. Our products are specifically designed to render a better grip and safeguard consumers from unfortunate and unintended incidents that occur without prior intimation. With years of research and scientific testing, we have brought to life products like Nofall Anti-Slip Socks and Gloves that offer best possible support to the users. Customer’s safety is our utmost priority! Therefore, our products are the results of extensive understanding of how we work and walk.

Nofall is the pioneer of developing the technology of Anti-Slip Socks and Gloves in the country. We are delighted and truly humbled about the fact that our products top all the best-selling charts on every big e-commerce portal.

Our Competitive Strengths:

  • Manufacturing High Quality textile ink and its application on everyday products.
  • Customer focus.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Constant up-gradation and innovation.
We are constantly looking at the finer aspects of everyday life and are evolving products that make mundane tasks not only interesting but also safe for everybody.

Mission and Vision

“The intention behind starting NoFall came from personal experiences. It was not a business idea and a business plan with profit margins. Rather, it was driven by a concern for safety. This concern soon met with encouragement and support from friends and family, which inspired us to take the initiative onto our own hands and make a difference to people’s lives. When our first set of products got acceptance and appreciation from users, we named this humble effort as NoFall. We earnestly hope our products help enable customers to live safely and confidently.”

Our mission is to add value to our customer’s life by making it a lot more comfortable, convenient and safe. Solving an everyday issue of getting a proper grip while walking or exercising is our prime objective.

Our Vision expands to a broader horizon where we see everyone including the young and old walk fearlessly with a firm grip and support them with our products that best suit their everyday needs.

What we stand by

We stand by quality and customer safety. All our products comply to international standards. Every material that is used to manufacture our products is vigorously tested for safety, durability, and efficiency. Our team of experienced technicians source the right mix of materials to meet the expectations of our customers. Extensive research has gone into development of all our products.


NoFall’s business practices are driven by the expectations from every stakeholder including customers, employees, and vendors.

Our promise

  • High quality raw materials.
  • Applicability of ink for manual printing.
  • Ethical business conduct.
  • Prompt delivery.
  • International standards.
  • Unmatched product quality.
  • Hassle-free packaging.
  • Affordable price points.