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Sushant Deshmukh

Sushant Deshmukh

With over 30 years of rich experience, Sushant Deshmukh has worked for some of the top companies of the country in the chemical sector. As a chemistry graduate and being a management professional, his work in various companies enabled proliferation of products across chemical and agriculture sectors. He has been helping companies to seamlessly integrate market research into new product development strategies. His contribution in new product design with added functionality has been immense. He focuses more on research and feedback from end-users to incorporate it into the products to make them customer-oriented.

Sushant is a dynamic and self-motivated entrepreneur who is also a visionary leader. His vision and guidance have brought in huge successes for Nofall.

At NoFall, he oversees product design and business strategy. His interests include innovation, new product development, and e-commerce strategy. His planning methods have proved to be highly beneficial in the overall development of the products. His go-getter attitude helps the team stay on par and exceed expectations from our customers and all our stakeholders every time! His commitment and dedication are an inspiration and works as a fuel for the team.